Graphic design and motion graphics

Field Guides and Inventive Maps

Work with us to create engaging guides and maps, with bolted on interactive elements and meticulously curated points of interest. Print is not dead - with the increase in digital, its rarity has made it golden.

Example works:

Study Perth Field Guide


Study Perth

Swinburne University of Technology Field Guide


Swinburne University of Technology

Charles Darwin University Field Guide


Charles Darwin University

Study Adelaide Field Guide


Study Adelaide


Tailored Written Content

Engaging copy is the foundation of our Field Guides. The Insider editorial team is on deck to research, write and edit copy that suits your distinctive brand voice.


Photos are great, but our in-house illustrators and graphic designers can also whip up some artwork to add personality and flair to your Field Guide.


A picture is worth a thousand words! Let us curate a library of icons and symbols in your style to support communication throughout your Guide.

Custom Map

Creating beautiful maps is what put us on the proverbial map! Whether it's highlighting Insta-worthy photo spots on your campus, or sharing a city's hidden highlights, let us be your cartographers.

Explainer Animation

Over the past two years - animation has become a critical tool when it comes to marketing to international audiences. It keeps messaging consumable, it's easy to translate and there's a huge amount of flexibility around revisions and updates. From script writing, to storyboarding all the way through to animatics and finally the final animation. We've got in house motion designers ready to roll.

Example works:

Study Australia - Career Matcher


Study Australia

Study Australia - Course Search Tool


Study Australia

PTV Myki Pass


Public Transport Victoria

Launch U Trade Accelerator


Study Queensland

Flinders University Academy Animation


Flinders University

Our Process

Storyboarding with Industry Insight:

We meticulously plan scenes, drawing from industry knowledge to ensure relevance and captivation throughout the animation process.

Scripting for International Students:

Our scripts are tailored to resonate with international students, addressing their unique perspectives, challenges, and aspirations effectively.

Visual Creative that Resonates:

We employ visually striking and relatable designs to ensure our animation connects deeply with our target audience.

Modern and Slick Motion Design:

Utilizing contemporary techniques, our motion design adds dynamism and sophistication, enhancing engagement and leaving a lasting impression.

Case Studies