Editorial Content and Copywriting

Our Editorial Background

What is the most important part of any content marketing strategy? Understanding your audience.

This is part of what makes content marketing in the international education sector so complex. International students have specific, ever-changing needs. To keep up with them, you need specialised and agile copywriting services.

Key Formats

Engaging Campus Experiences: Event Coverage and Activities

We create engaging experiences through event coverage and activities. By sharing stories and facilitating interactions, we spark curiosity and foster connections among prospective students interested in studying internationally.

City Exploration: Destination Content and City Experience

Our content delves into city life abroad, offering immersive experiences. Through descriptive narratives, we paint a vivid picture of academic life in various cities, helping students envision their future abroad.

Personal Insights: Student and Alumni Interviews

We specialize in gathering personal insights through interviews with current students and alumni. By sharing their experiences, we build trust and offer genuine perspectives on studying abroad.

What You Can Expect

Improved on-site dwell time - When users visit your website, you want to keep them there. With the help of high-quality custom content, you’ll increase your on-site dwell time, setting off a chain reaction of powerful results for your business. Higher levels of trust, more conversions, a stronger sense of site familiarity - the list goes on.

Compounding value

Consistent efforts lead to better results. The more consistent you are in creating first-rate content, the higher your chances of achieving your goals.

More conversions

Turn readers into loyal customers. Creating excellent custom content builds trust among readers, leading to quicker and easier conversions.

A higher domain authority

When you produce strong content, you improve brand authority, perceived expertise, relevance and trust - the perfect combination for strengthening your domain authority.

Top-tier SEO

Help your audience find you with ease. All Insider Studios custom content is infused with well-researched SEO keywords. Rank higher in search engines and watch your web traffic skyrocket.

Past Clients

Some past clients include Austrade, StudyAdelaide, University of Western Australia, Study Tasmania, Study NSW, Study Melbourne, PTE Academic and Murdoch University.

Examples of content we have created: