Conversion and Support Employability Webinar


University of Technology Sydney (UTS)

Project type:

Educational Video Content


UTS International wanted to do two things:

Increase conversions of international students in the post-offer, pre-acceptance stage of the funnel.
Enhance the student experience by helping international students to get a job, which continues to be a major issue for new international students.

Insider is our go-to for engaging multimedia content such as the most recently produced employability workshop. The video was translated into various languages and used to engage with prospective students from key countries - to great success. The Insider team is uniquely positioned to work with clients from the sector and tailor their services to meet custom needs, whether it is SEO-rich web copy or meaningful gated content. It’s always a joy working with James and his team, and it's a partnership that will go far.

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Christina Miebach

Head of Marketing and Communication Partnerships

University of Technology Sydney

Project Outline:

Our brief was to craft a 40 minute video workshop to help international students get a job when they arrive in Sydney. UTS would then turn that into an on-demand webinar on their channel, and use it as a conversion tool and support resource.

UTS knew that students are thinking about employability from very early on in their journey, and wanted to use it as a way to capture attention and add value.

The client wanted the content to be in the UTS brand with overlays, animatics as well as the addition of supplied content, so the end result would look like a tv show from UTS.

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Compounding value

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More conversions

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A criticial tool when it comes to marketing to international audiences, animation keeps messaging consumable, flexible and accessible.

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Social Media Tiles and Story Templates

Eye-catching designs for social media posts and stories, tailored to engage audiences and convey key messages effectively and creatively.

Educational how-to

Let's help your audience move forward in their journey - this is where students shine as teachers.

Follow me tour-style

An immersive, exploratory style that is fun, engaging and effective - this is where students shine as guides.

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Let us paint a vivid picture of academic life in various cities, helping students envision their future abroad.

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Tailored Written Content

Engaging copy is the foundation of our Field Guides. The Insider editorial team is on deck to research, write and edit copy that suits your distinctive brand voice.


Photos are great, but our in-house illustrators and graphic designers can also whip up some artwork to add personality and flair to your Field Guide.


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Custom Map

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Storyboarding with Industry Insight:

We meticulously plan scenes, drawing from industry knowledge to ensure relevance and captivation throughout the animation process.

Scripting for International Students:

Our scripts are tailored to resonate with international students, addressing their unique perspectives, challenges, and aspirations effectively.

Visual Creative that Resonates:

We employ visually striking and relatable designs to ensure our animation connects deeply with our target audience.

Modern and Slick Motion Design:

Utilizing contemporary techniques, our motion design adds dynamism and sophistication, enhancing engagement and leaving a lasting impression.

Why Insider?:

We have a key competitive advantages:


We understand international student needs and the kinds of multimedia and storytelling they respond to.


We have a strong track record of creating a wide array of video content for international education clients.


For this project, we followed this process:

Initial Consultation:

Engaging with UTS, we reconciled their brand assets, content plan and goals, key visual requirements, timelines, content dissemination strategies and key topics. The client already had some incredible promotional videos that we could splice into the final video, which improved the overall outcome.

We agreed that we should create 4 modules for easier consumption.

Content Development:

Once we understood the goals and limitations, Insider got to work writing out the scripts and storyboards. We gained approval on the treatment of the videos, use of the slides, fonts, colours and images. The decision was made to break the workshop into four workshops.

Content Creation:

Our team used our studio in Adelaide to create the direct-to-camera content, while our designers and content creators built out the slides, overlays and animatics in line with the UTS style guide. Our videographers edited them together.

Finalisation and Publication:

The completed videos were sent over as rough cuts, drafts and final edits, ensuring client sign off points.

This project underscores our commitment to creating impactful, student-oriented content that not only resonates with its intended audience but also significantly contributes to our client's marketing plan.